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Family photographer, especially serving special needs families like mine


Because I get it and when I don't...I am not afraid. I know what it is like to feel vulnerable and want to feel "normal"...well sometimes..because I do embrace the picture of my life. Here's the thing though...something quite universal... the desire for a family photograph that celebrates the beautiful uniqueness of your family. It is a bit of the typical that you deserve, but the process of obtaining this....well it might be far from typical...I know.

We might need to be in an untypical location...a fenced location, a sensory friendly location. We might need to do this early or late... you tell me.

Not going to come out of it tantrum....yup..I understand.. lets ...wait ..take a break...pause...this to shall pass.


How can you offer the flexibility our family  needs?

Does your child shy away from the "new" or something different let me know..maybe we can meet for 15-20 minutes someplace local to West Hartford first before our portraits session

Did someone stay up all night or is someone having a rough morning? We can reschedue