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I could list my credentials but that would exclude all the things that really tell you about me.


  • I did graduate with a degree in photography from UMass Dartmouth, but I didn’t know what the cum laude meant on my diploma…yes it’s true. I received my MFA from the Art Institute of Boston.
  • My husband did all the correspondence with our wedding photographer. I didn’t want her to know I am a photographer and get all-nervous.
  • My little boys…. didn’t plan em’ couldn't live with out them. I love them to pieces even when they drive me crazy.
  • I love… I mean love the ocean. Just this past fall I dove in at Coney Island in my t shirt and underwear and yes my in laws were with me. It was a gorgeous September day the water was just so beautiful and my boys joined me…my husband took pictures
  • I do not like being the center of attention, but I love planning parties
  • During the same trip I stayed at one of the finest hotels in Germany with chocolates in the bathroom and two days later paid to take a shower in a Paris train station.
  • My first memory is of Cape Cod, a yellow kitchen. The Cape it is my favorite place and have millions of special memories with my family there. I have lived there year long at different times in my life
  • I have been taking pictures since I was 15 there has never been anything else I could picture myself doing…except being a teacher because I l have always loved school.
  • I have taught art for 15 years. The beautiful chaos of this livelihood has fueled my photographic work in so many influential ways. I even have by youngest son with special needs in my class.
  • My favorite memory with my Grandmother is leafing through all the old photo albums in her attic or as she called her empty room. This room was filled with so much stuff. I love getting to know my family’s history through photography .